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Why we promote positive contribution instead of carbon credits 

Our initial plan was to offer carbon credits to companies. By now we are convinced there are better alternatives: 

  • Companies have more than enough real possibilities to reduce their carbon footprints. Most companies are at the beginning of the road to climate neutrality. Real climate action should always come first. 

  • In most cases, the offsets do not deliver the environmental results they promise. Many of the types of carbon credits that have internationally been considered to be most trustworthy, have proven to be unreliable.

  • The clean economy revolution is unfolding in such a speed that, by now, it is impossible to say which emission reduction project or conservation activity happened because of voluntary carbon credits and what would have happened anyway. The risk of exaggerated and unsubstantiated green claims is too high.


We still believe that acting green must benefit every single person and that companies can contribute to it by supporting their community to move towards sustainable future.

However, companies should not make unsubstantiated or exaggerated claims about climate neutrality. There's no real environmental value in trading with emissions instead of bringing them down in real life.

That's why we focus on community projects that help companies reduce their own footprint and motivate individuals to act green.

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